05 outubro 2009

Conhecendo Ontario: Gananoqué

Gananoqué, located midway between Toronto and Montréal, is known as the Gateway to the Thousand Islands. This popular resort town, on a scenic stretch of the St. Lawrence River, began as a Loyalist settlement and today is home to many shops, historic buildings, museums and art galleries that celebrate local culture. All activities seem to center around the river. The population of the picturesque town is small, at just over 5,000 people but it swells enormously in the summertime and the downtown streets bustle with tourists discovering fabulous little shops.

3 comentários:

leticia disse...

que vergonha, nunca tinha nem ouvido falar! :(

Ciça Donner disse...

Gentiiii que sotaque mais lindo desse video!!! E o lugar tb!!!!!!!!!

Dani e CM disse...

Muito lindo o lugar!

Tudo de bom pra vcs